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Sponsorship Cancelled by SAF International

If your sponsorship has been cancelled by us, it will be because we were unable to process a payment. 

If for whatever reason payment fails, we will notify you via email and will attempt to call you to get updated information.

If we fail to hear from you and are unable to get new payment details to process the payment after repeated attempts, we will terminate your account.

When this happens, your child sponsorship ends and the child you sponsored would become eligible for sponsorship by somebody else.

To ensure this does not happen, please keep your details up to date. You can edit your payment information from within your donor portal. 

Unfortunately we cannot restart a sponsorship once it has been cancelled. If you wish to become a sponsor again,  you would need to begin a brand new sponsorship. 

Additionally, there is no guarantee that you would be able to sponsor the same child as before.

For any questions on this matter, please email

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